Handy Discusses Reasons to Get Netflix

Handy Discusses Reasons to Get Netflix


For what you pay for with the cable company, it sure doesn’t feel to Handy that we are getting our money’s worth. You are limited to the time in which you can watch something, you can’t re-watch it if you liked it a lot, and in some cases, you can’t even rewind it or pause it if you need to. This is just a few of the reasons that many people are ditching cable companies and starting to get a la carte programming. If you are looking for a great choice, then you have come to the right place.

Netflix Now
While Netflix is not for everyone, it is for the majority. Be warned, if you are the type of person that needs to see the latest episode of The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, this is definitely not the thing for you. However, if you can stand waiting and being up to a year behind everyone else, you may just love to have a subscription to this service. That is just one of the reasons that you should consider a subscription, if you are looking for more reasons, just take a look the list below.

  1. Original Programming – While their main focus is providing their customers with as many movies and television shows from other companies all in one location, Netflix has recently ventured out on their own and started producing original programming. They have many to choose from and you can’t watch them without a subscription, and they are good!
  2. More Than Movies – While they have a near limitless selection of movies and television, you can also find show-stopping documentaries and the greatest stand-up comedians’ newest specials. In many ways, they are trying to be known for the best television watching platform.
  3. No Adverts – Are you the kind of person that simply hates watching commercials, well except for those gems that the marketing geniuses put out during the Super Bowl? Then you have definitely found the right service. Unlike Hulu and YouTube, Netflix still does not have any advertising. While you may pay a little more than the aforementioned services, at least you will not be constantly hounded to pay more money to see fewer advertisements (we’re looking at you Hulu).
  4. Multiplicity – While the cable companies limit you to one television and do not have an option to make profiles, Netflix does both. Therefore, you can watch something different than your wife, husband, kids, or roommates on your own device under your own platform. How cool is that? Additionally, you can take the shows you want to watch with you by downloading them to your mobile device and watching them from your storage instead of streaming them and wasting your data plan.

    While there are many options that Handy could have gone with when subscribing to a streaming media service, we are more than happy that we picked this one. While they have been raising their rates lately, we feel that we are still getting more than our money’s worth with every single month we own it.

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